Zanzibar Economic Empowerment Agency


Zanzibar Economic Empowerment Agency (ZEEA)

The Zanzibar Economic Empowerment Agency has been established by Law number 2 of 2022. The purpose of establishing the Citizen Economic Empowerment Agency is to strengthen the enabling environment for the Economic Empowerment of Citizens in order to increase productivity, production, efficiency and marketing of the products of entrepreneurs and businessmen in the country.

Currently, the Citizens’ Economic Empowerment Agency does not have an official structure recognized by the Government, therefore, the Agency has seen the need to prepare proposals for the Institutional Structure of the Citizens’ Economic Empowerment Agency.


To have an empowered society and strengthen economically and socially through empowerment opportunities


To strengthen the ability of Zanzibari people to find, use, manage and benefit from economic opportunities through strengthening the provision of empowerment services by setting up enabling systems and infrastructure for empowerment, increasing the coordination of access to training and sustainable and reliable markets, participation and access to capital and financial services.

Duties of Agency

  •  Managing and running Investment activities in Zanzibar including Free Economic Zones based on the principles of transparency and competition.
  •  Making Zanzibar an attractive place for Investment, a business center and a transportation area.
  •  A major center for empowerment, empowerment, investment and trade.
  •  Provide institutional support for economic development and ensure the implementation of economic and business policies.
  •  Promote, motivate and facilitate domestic or foreign investment and ensure a friendly business environment.
  •  To be the main institution involved in introducing Zanzibar uniquely in promoting investment.
  •  Facilitating domestic and international investment and ensuring a friendly business environment.
  •  To provide institutional support in developing and managing Free Economic Zones.

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